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KWT community grants are open twice per year in the month of March and in the month of October. NAIDOC Grants are open once a year in May. Please monitor our Facebook page for updates. If you have a great project idea, put in your application by downloading and filling out the application form, submit your application via email to the General Manager, Business. We will accept expressions of interest from eligible individuals, community groups, and gathering places. General terms and conditions apply. 

Our Community Grants and NAIDOC Grants are OPEN from 25th of March to 17th of May 2024. If you are interested in applying for one our grants, do the following: 

  • Contact the grants manager on 0450 890 255

  • Discuss your project idea or event - tell us what you plan on doing. 

How we will help you:

  • Discuss the application process with you.

  • Discuss your obligation to ensure we recieve an acquittal, outlining what we are looking for in your acquittal. 

  • Provide you with an application form. 

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Grant seekers speak with the grants manager to discuss their project or event idea. The grant manager will discuss grantee obligations and reporting requirements. Provide you with an application form. 

Submit your application directly to: by 5pm, 17th of May 2024. 

Late applications will not be considered. 

Application will be assessed by the grants manager and shortlisted. Shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the committee for decisions and outcome. 

The management team will notify the successful grantees and make arrangements to meet via zoom or in person.

Payments can not be made without all the proper paper work in place. 


We have carefully designed our application forms and processes to ensure that community can access what is on offer. Forms can be accessed as an online application or downloadable application form.  All applications must have an ABN and DGRTCC status. If you are being auspiced by an organisation, provide their details using the form below.  Successful grantees are required to provide an acquittal at the end of their project or event, this is a requirement of our grant processes. 

Community Grant


Auspice Forms

Acquittal Forms

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