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Sheree Chaudhry

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KWT Board Member 

Sherree is a proud and strong Gunditjmara woman from south west Victoria. Mother to three beautiful girls and grandmother to a gorgeous grand-son, she is committed to her family and to the strong Aboriginal community of Heywood. Sherree has worked as Human Resources Manager at Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation for the past nine years, building upon her knowledge, expanding her experiences and undertaking study along the way. 

Sherree has been involved in Koondee Woonga-Gat Toorong since the initial stages of Towards a Justice Society Fund meeting with partners of Woor-Dungin and Alumni of the Fellowship of Indigenous Leaders to create Victoria's First Nations Philanthropic Fund. 

In May 2017, Sherree presented to the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples conference in New Zealand as part of the Woor-Dungin mob about what philanthropy can do to work more effectively with Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to build respectful relationships and ensure successful outcomes. 

In October 2018, Sherree mc'd a workshop presentation at the International Funders for Indigenous Peoples conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This conference was based around "Bolstering Indigenous Philanthropy" and how we need to re-centre on indigenous ways of giving and receiving. 

In October 2019, Sherree was a recipient of the Grassroots Community Connection Award from the Fellowship of Indigenous Leaders. Through this grant, she is able to help her community with empowering themselves to be confident, strong and resilient through running and facilitating many activities. 

Sherree, co-partnering with Jess Lovett-Murray, has founded a Heywood Deadlies Running Group, who with the support of Koondee, FIL and the Indigenous Marathon Foundation, has been able to help the community find the benefits of running to assist with health and mental health wellbeing. 

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