Willum Warrain; Helping our Ex-offenders get back on their feet

KWT recently partnered with Willum Warrain Association to trial an ex-offenders program, providing opportunities for them to do paid work; Executive Officer Peter Aldenhoven outlined that these men and women are already members of the Association, but this would provide them with something much more;

“The Department of Justice and Community Safety do not fund Willum Warrain or any other providers for that matter who offer support to our mob (via CCO or WDP programs) who have come in contact with the Justice system and need to work off hours

Most mob who come to us soon after release from prison are not in a good way or in very positive living circumstances.lf they are up for it, Willum Warrain would like to pay people in this cohort one day a week (say for up to 3 months) to work at our gathering place undertaking community projects and activities.

The benefit of this support (which is time-limited and explained to them clearly upfront) is that it will give individuals a chance to develop some structure and routine in their lives”

KWT assist in infrastructure support, and are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative