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KWT and justice advocate Naomi Murphy continue on the road to justice

We are proud to announce we have invested in the production of a justice survey to be conducted in Victoria. This State currently has the fastest increase of first nations incarceration in Australia. Ironically there are more advocacy groups for decarceration than anywhere else in the country.

The survey will be conducted by justice advocates Naomi Murphy and Melanie Poole.

As Naomi explains;

The project we are proposing is a comprehensive survey of the criminal justice advocacy and policy landscape in Australia. This is the first step that will put in motion a longer term strategy, so that resources in this space can be maximised and coordinated, and new resources and efforts focused strategically where they are needed.

This important project is being auspiced by The Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre, and KWT is proud to commence on this important partnership with these dynamic women and such an esteemed advocacy group in our community

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