Koorie Academy

Koorie Academy hosted our 2-day basketball competition & cultural workshops on the Saturday, Sunday of labour day weekend. We had a huge turn out with over 100 kids participating in a culturally safe welcoming environment. Koorie Academy coaches did an outstanding job teaching the kids most importantly made it fun for everyone involved. We did skills , drills & a 3 X 3 competition. We also provided healthy lunches & snacks over the 2 days, Koorie Academy Sports bags with over $200 worth of goodies.

Some of these kids were so happy as we gave out many prizes & gifts.

Some of kids are facing difficult barriers and obstacles so it was wonderful being able to offer them two days of free Basketball Competition/Clinics. Our Cultural workshops were also special as many kids said to us they had not ever thrown a boomerang or spear nor understood what songlines were & learnt how to move like a kangaroo/ emu.

We also would like to say Thankyou to the KWT fund for supporting us.


Ricky Baldwin

Head coach of Koorie Academy