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Jody Barney
KWT Board Member | Current Chair

Jody Barney is a First Nation /South Sea Islander Deaf woman from Queensland, She was born in Mackay and grew up in Far North Queensland attending various schools and left at the age of 15.

She returned to study at 30 and two degrees down she venturing into the world of academia again in 2021. Jody believes education was her anchor and helped her to gain better awareness of who she is. 

After 14 years now as a business owner of Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy Jody now works primarily as a consultant and trainer in Indigenous affairs. Jody contribution to the sector includes numerous board appointments, chairing an all Indigenous - led sub fund Koondee Woonga-gat Toor-tong in Victoria, as well as national representation on the Disability Royal Commission First Nations Strategic Advisory Group and Women with Disability Australia and the Victorian Stolen Generation Reparation Advisory Group. 

Jody is also the first Deaf Atlantic Fellow for Atlantic Fellow for Social Equity Australia and the first Deaf First Nation's woman to receive international invitation representing the needs of Deaf First Nations woman and girls at the Deaf Native Gatherings global. 

Jody is a fierce advocate and trainer for Mob with disabilities and works nationally regarding the access and rights of community members receiving adequate and equable services within the NDIS.  Jody also loves to cook, preparing over 600 meals for local community members with disabilities during the Coronavirus pandemic and  has now been acknowledge for this in the 2020 National Disability Leadership Awards 2020. She is also the recipient of the National Aspire Awards 2020 for Inclusion for her outstanding work in supporting Indigenous peoples in the justice systems across Australia. Her expertise as a Cultural Sign Language consultant provides Deaf Aboriginal people access to their legal proceedings in their first language. 

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